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MegaNatural BP Grape Seed Extract x 60 Caps

MegaNatural BP Grape Seed Extract x 60 Caps

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Meganatural BP Grapeseed Extract - The main ingredient in this product is Meganatural BP - a unique Grapeseed Extract with enhanced concentration of the active components which work to reduce blood pressure. Studies on rodents have shown that a large amount of grapeseed in their diet brings down their blood pressure. Researches went on to find out which part of grapeseed extract works to reduce blood pressure. After isolating and concentrating these components, they were put into a formula called Meganatural BP. Meganatural BP was then used in two studies on human subjects. The first study of 24 people showed an average reduction in BP of 12 points systolic and 8 points diastolic. The second study of 30 subjects resulted in an average reduction of 8 point systolic and 6 point diastolic. A 10 point reduction in systolic blood pressure is considered significant.