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Coenzyme Q10 Vcaps 100mg-400mg

Coenzyme Q10 Vcaps 100mg-400mg

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Coenzyme Q10 - Wonder Supplement for the heart

Co-enzyme Q10 is one of the most popular supplements for the heart and overall health. This essential nutrient is naturally created in our bodies, and supplies the energy required for our organs to function. In particular, large quantities of Coq10 can be found in the heart, where it fuels the pumping of blood around the body. Unfortunately, some people do not create enough Coq10 in their body, and as we age, our bodies’ natural supply of Coq10 declines. People with heart disease or those who have experienced chronic heart failure, have CoQ10 deficiencies. As well as being an excellent supplement for the heart, Coenzyme Q10 is also used to treat other serious health complaints.

Contains Bioperine for improved Coenzyme Q10 absorption

Doctors Best Coq10 contains bioperine, an extract derived from black pepper than enhances absorption of nutrients. Human trials have shown significant increases in nutrient absorption when bioperine is used. A recent study showed that participants taking 5mg of Bioperine mixed with 90mg of coq10, showed a 32 percent increase in Coq10 absorption after twenty one days. Click here for more information.

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Coenzyme Q10 is used to help with the following Conditions

Improves Heart Health

Coenzyme Q10 deficiency is common in patients who have heart disease. Biopsy results from patients with various cardiovascular diseases have shown heart tissue has a Coenzyme Q10 deficiency in 50 to 75% of cases. Supplementing Coq10 together with heart health drugs is an improved method for combating heart problems. An important study has shown that those receiving daily Coq10 supplements within 3 days of a heart attack, significantly decreases the occurrence of subsequent heart attacks and chest pain. Furthermore, the patients were less likely to die from heart disease, than those not receiving the supplements. The correction of Coq10 deficiency has produced dramatic clinical results in patients with all forms of heart disease.

Complement Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs

Coq10 is seen as an important supplement for use in combination with statin drugs such as Zocor, Lescol, and Pravachol. and Lipitor. While statins block the liver mechanism of manufacturing cholesterol, they also inhibit production of Coq10. This significant side effect can be overcome with Coq10 supplements.

High Blood Pressure

Studies involving small numbers of people have shown that Coq10 can reduce blood pressure. Typical blood pressure reductions of 10% have been shown over periods of between 4 and 12 weeks of Coq10 supplementation.

Preserves Healthy Brain Function

Oxidative stress means that the membranes of our brain cells erode with age. Coq10 combats this erosion and also combats dangerous neurotoxins which cause the death of brain cells. Coq10 is important for victims of stroke, where protection of the brain membrane is critical to a healthy recovery.

Combats Degenerative Diseases

Coq10 has been successfully used for improving the lives of those suffering from degenerative diseases. Without sufficient Coq10 the body has fewer resources to combat debilitating disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, fibromylagia and chronic fatigue. Coq10 slows down cell death in patients with Parkinson’s disease. It increases the energy of those who suffer from Huntington’s disease. Even HIV infection can benefit from Coq10. At the very least, adequate stores of Coq10 help ensure proper muscle function and overall stamina.

Strengthens the entire Immune system

Coq10 increases the production of blood cells, increases antibody counts and reinforces T-cells. This results in an enhanced resistance to viral diseases. Age related decline of Coq10 levels may be partly responsible for age related decline of the immune system.

Cancer Treatment

Coq10s ability to increase production of T cells has led to use together with primary treatments for cancer. 

Increases Energy production

Coq10 is involved in the energy production of each and every cell in your body. Maintaining healthy levels of Coq10 ensures your cells are generating as much energy as possible, rather than having energy go unsynthesized due to Coq10 deficiency.


Coq10 inhibits the oxidation process. It is a very effective antioxidant and complements other antioxidants.