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Culturelle 30 Vcaps

Culturelle 30 Vcaps

Buy Culturelle 30 Vcaps

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Culturelle contains a completely unique and advanced probiotic called Lactobacillus GG. This is currently the most clinically studied and extensively documented probiotic strain in the world. These studies have shown that LGG effectively supports the immune system whilst alleviating gastrointestinal problems. For example, it reduces the incidences of diarrhea whilst travelling by fifty percent. Culturelle survives our stomach acids, sticks to the intestinal walls and successfully colonizes the intestinal tract , promoting digestive health, preventing bloating, discomfort and protecting us from infection. This is in contrast to other lactobacillus strains which are unable to survive stomach acid or do not successfully adhere to the intestinal wall.

Culturelle is the only probiotic available which contains this exclusive bacteria strain Lactobacillus GG. You will not find LGG in any other probiotic supplement.



Is the subject of more than 400 clinical studies

Stabilizes intestinal micro flora, hastening the removal of pathogens

Boosts the Immune system

Supports intestinal and overall health

Promotes regularity and bowel function

Prevents Bloating and discomfort

Prevents and shortens the duration of diarrhea

Unlike many other probiotic strains, survives stomach acid and intestinal bile

Colonises the intestinal tract

Provides a minimum of 10 billion CFU's (live cells) at the moment of use. This is the amount most recommended in medical research

Has far more probiotic per capsule than in a serving of yoghurt.

Can be safely taken with medications and antibiotics

Can be stored at room temperature - refrigeration is not required.

Only one capsule per day required

Each capsule is double foil packaged to keep out moisture, light and heat, ensuring stability


More facts about Lactobacillus LGG

The name Lactobacillus GG is actually derived from the researchers who discovered it - Dr Gorbach and Dr Goldin of Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts. Initially, these doctors set out to find the ideal probiotic.

The criteria this probiotic  should  satisfy were as follows:

1- It would be of human origin.

2 -It would be capable of attaching to the intestinal wall and proceeding to colonize the gut, thereby preventing competition from the invading  bad bacteria (pathogens).

3 - It needed to be resistant to stomach acid and intestinal bile safely surviving from the stomach to the intestines.

4 - It would exhibit health promoting activities within the host.

5 - Be extremely safe.


After analyzing more than a thousand different strains looking for these characteristics, they chose lactobacillus GG as their ideal probiotic.