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Triphala 500mg - 100 Tablets

Triphala 500mg - 100 Tablets

Buy Triphala 500mg - 100 Tablets

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is currently the most common gastrointestinal disorder in the West. Reactions to this condition vary, with some people suffering from severe effects and other experiencing milder symptoms. IBS is characterized by recurring abdominal pain or discomfort, accompanied by an alteration in bowel activity which can be constipation, diarrhea or a combination of the two.

For many hundreds of years, the people of India have been using triphala for digestive disorders, internal cleansing and as a laxative. Indeed, Triphala is India's most popular ayurvedic medicine. 'Triphala' literally means 'Three Fruits' - these fruits are Amla, Harada and Bihara. Taken individually, these ingredients are effective, but taken together, they form a potent mix for enhancing digestive health.


Uses for Triphala

Effective in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Treats ulcerative colitis
Works as a mild laxative, regulating elimination without causing dependency
Detoxifies the body whilst improving digestion and assimilation of nutrients
Gentle internal cleanser
Anti inflammatory and antiviral
Can reduce cholesterol levels
Useful for eye disorders.
Highly nutritional with powerful antioxidant effects.
Anti Stress agent
May possess anticancer properties

Studies performed on Triphala

Triphala Works as a laxative without side effects In a clinical study, triphala was shown to exhibit good laxative properties without side effects, whilst at the same time managing hyperacidity. Triphala may have powerful anti cancer properties Mice grafted with human pancreatic tumours were fed triphala over a 4 week period. The tumours in the mice fed triphala were half the size of those in the untreated control group.
Triphala shows powerful radio protective effects on mice exposed to radiation Mice treated with triphala and then exposed to radiation lived longer and showed less symptoms of radiation sickness when compared to the none triphala irradiated group. Triphala protects against stress. Two different studies - one exposing rats to noise stress and another exposing them to cold stress indicates triphala works to prevent abnormalities and maintain immune function under stress.

The three Fruits of Triphala


Stimulates the liver
Mild and safe laxative
Works as a nervine improving resistance to stress
Facilitates the whole digestive process, and removes impurities from the GI tract
Neutralizes acidity in the stomach
Antibacterial function
Strengthens the eyes & useful for eye disorders


Cleanses digestive tract
Mild laxative


Highly biovailable source of Vitamin C.
Highly resilient and heat stable form of Vitamin C (The vitamin C in amla can last many years, and barely diminishes even when exposed to prolonged levels of high heat)
Enhances food absorption & assimilation
Improves digestion which helps eliminate toxins
Powerful antioxidant
Reduces cholesterol